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Hot Bite


How do you live your best life when you’re dead?

Joanna Kilkenny has been milking her fame for all it’s worth. But Alba de Gradi is as sick of the lifestyle as she is of the name she’s been using for twenty-five years.

Now, she and her rock-star ex-lover Lorne Dechenes bring to fruition years of planning and make their escape from the Hollywood rat race, bringing along the bodyguard who has kept Joanna safe. Jamie Conrad is blindsided at Joanna’s movie premiere by Lorne’s unexpected appearance and Joanna’s confession that her entire life has been a lie—especially since she’s not even alive.

Jamie reels from the discovery that the woman he has secretly loved and not-so-secretly protected for years is not who he thought she was. Caught up in the excitement and in feelings he can’t deny, he can’t refuse Alba’s sincere request and is whisked away to a villa in Tuscany on Lorne’s private jet.

At a villa named Del Cielo, near the ancient town of Siena, Alba must convince Jamie that his life is better with her and with Lorne, in a place where life and death come at a slower pace and the finest wines are aged.

But can two human men satisfy the ravenous appetites of an ancient immortal who wants another chance at death?

*Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of dubious consent, blood drinking, anal sex, and the killing of innocent people.

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