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What ARC readers are saying about A Port Essington Christmas:
5 Stars!

"I love Jimmy and Oscar, the life they’ve built together, and their dynamic, which is strong in terms of emotional connection, kink, and just general compatibility all around. Jimmy is a memorable narrator, these are easy characters to care about, and the historical elements are deftly woven into the story in ways that feel immersive and not overwhelming."

4 Stars!

"I've not read the previous stories, but it didn't stop my enjoyment of this one. Oscar and Jimmy's love is so sweet. There's a wee bit of kink, but overall it's about Jimmy showing how much he treasures and adores Oscar. Very seasonal, well written, with some interesting secondary characters."

5 Stars!

"There’s no denying how much Jimmy loves Oscar. It’s in every action he takes and every way he cares for Oscar. I loved catching up with all of our old friends and settling into visit with Jimmy and Oscar. While this was a quick read, it packed a punch and left me smiling."

5 Stars!

"Jimmy and Oscar 4ever! I loved this sweet and steamy Christmas novella. It was wonderful to get an update from our favorite wilderness men as well as their friends. While it was short it gives us plenty of lovin and a glimpse of their new day to day lives. These two captured my heart from book one and I hope we continue to get stories from them."
For Various Persuasions:

"This book was my first from the author, and after reading this book, all I can say is I am hooked! The writing style, the emotions and the character and world building is just phenomenal and so real. You feel like you're there with the characters, you are with them and feel their emotions and see what they're doing"
For 760 Miles:

"A well written and engaging historical romance with exposed inner dimensions and emotional depth. The author introduces us to gender fluidity in an age of stoicism and starchy arrogance. Refreshingly, love reigns supreme."
For Skeletal Equation:

"AE Lister KNOWS how to write kink! This is a HOT one and I loved every minute. The major focus is definitely the medical kink and it was written to perfection with a side of pup play."
For Stable Hand:

"Hot, holy heckballs... this book was everything I expected and so much, much more. An amazing story about three very different men who find what they need (even though they didn’t know it) at a ranch for ponies who aren’t actually ponies. There is hot, kinky sex (duh), humor, sarcasm, angst and maybe even love. This book packs a punch right in the feels and I wish I could read it again, for the first time."
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