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"Jensen's introduction to the ranch, worth the whole book!"

"The best book about ponies that I have ever read...Kinky cowboys are apparently my thing and Lister delivers on the kink in a wonderful way."

"I wasn't expecting it to be so intense, and I absolutely loved it!"


Deep in the heart of Ontario's touristy Muskoka region sits a ranch unlike any other.

The Braided Crop Ranch and its sister ranch, The Pretty Pony Palace, cater to men and women who believe kink is an expression of deeply held needs and desires.


The BCR functions as a fully immersive experience for men who like to pretend to be ponies and the people who enjoy helping them.


The Braided Crop Ranch (BCR) is looking for stable hands.


But this is no ordinary horse ranch. The Braided Crop Ranch caters to men with a certain interest. An interest involving harnesses, tails and trainers.


Managed and expertly run by registered psychotherapist, Adam Marsland, the Ranch is a safe place for the expression of kink and sex-positive needs and fantasies.



Jensen Moriarty is desperate for a job.


He can handle horses. In fact, he’s a pro at it.


Too bad the BCR doesn’t deal with real horses. But they do have “ponies”.

If Jensen can wrap his head around what the BCR actually stands for, he may have the opportunity to expand his resumé, and experience something completely unexpected in the process.

~ A BDSM cowboy story about men who like to play pony, and the trainers who indulge them.


Contemporary. Erotic. Kinky. Queer

AE Lister/Elizabeth Lister writes some of the best contemporary queer erotic romance in the business. Their work has been celebrated and commended by readers and organizations alike for presenting queer sexuality and kink in a positive and consent-based way.

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