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Not one, but TWO paranormal shorts coming in July!


from Pride Publishing

Can a bratty young vampire behave himself for the ultimate reward?

Benjamin Wilde has been around for four hundred years. Clove Noble has only recently joined the clan of the undead. But Clove has also joined Professor Wilde’s Egyptology class, and now the other students have begun to disappear, one by one.

Professor Wilde knows he has to do something to curb Clove’s youthful recklessness. And when the young vampire expresses an interest in Benjamin’s attractive bloodslave Sage, he thinks he might have a way to control him.

Or is Clove smarter than he seems? Will bringing Clove home to Sage be a mistake—or the way to a better future for them all? Because Clove is vulnerable to the other vampires out there, Benjamin wants to protect him as much as he wants to keep him in line.

And what about Sage? Can a human handle being with two hungry vampires, or will Sage make an offer that has been years in the making?


from Totally Bound

When you’re a Hollywood starlet, everyone wants a piece of you. But what if, all along, you’ve been taking pieces of them?

Lured by the California weather, ancient vampire Adah Winters took on the role of Hollywood starlet, Joanna Kilkenny, as easily as she acted in the movies to make her name. When most vampires strived to live their lives out of the spotlight, Adah decided to flip the script, and it has been working for her.




People are starting to notice things. Like the fact that Joanna doesn’t seem to age. And that she may have hidden strengths and cunning, more than one would expect from a forty-year-old, privileged, modern starlet. Strengths that she goes to great lengths to keep hidden, even from the man dedicated to protecting her.

Jamie Conrad was hired to protect Joanna from her fervent fans and the press. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her. But Jamie’s never been able to handle his emotions as well as he handles his clients. It’s been years now and he’s seen some bizarre things. Things he’s too nervous to ask Joanna about. Things that make his heart quake and his cock hard.


Joanna isn’t who she pretends to be. But that doesn’t mean she’s not the person Jamie’s in love with.


When Joanna says she’s leaving the continent with her ex-lover, renowned rockstar phenom, Lorne Dechenes, and never coming back, what’s a smitten bodyguard to do other than go with them?

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