760 Miles
(Northern Horizons #1)

MM/Historical/Erotic Romance

- age gap

- hurt/comfort

- spanking

- bondage (featuring the creative use of rope and horse tack)

- kidnapping

- a town named Telegraph Creek with a lucrative cathouse called The Angel

- bi and kink awakening of a completely blindsided cowboy

1st Draft Complete @ 92,555 words
Submitting to Pride Publishing the week of April 19th

The very last thing Jimmy Downing needed was a skinny kid who acted half his age with a chip on his shoulder and no idea how the real world worked. Because Jimmy had alot of experience with the world and he wanted no part of it anymore.


He was trying his best to be an honourable man after two decades of being outside the law. He’d stolen things. He’d killed people in the name of survival. He’d helped other men do horrible things. And now he was keeping his head down and trying to live under the radar. It wasn’t his fault the kid needed someone to show him right from wrong, give him something to eat on the regular and try to keep him out of trouble. So he didn’t end up making a mess of his life the way Jimmy had. Maybe that’s what being an honourable man was all about.

Except the things Jimmy wanted from this twenty-two year-old kid were far from honourable and he couldn’t stop thinking about them. Especially when Oscar Yates of the big brown eyes, cackle of a laugh, and insatiable appetite for anything grilled over an open fire insisted on pushing all his buttons.

How was Jimmy going to last the 760 Miles to Port Essington without giving in to those needs Oscar called to with the hint of a smile and a smart-assed curse?

Because if Jimmy did give in? It would mean both of them living outside the law and never having the chance at an honourable life again.

Contemporary. Erotic. Kinky. Queer

AE Lister/Elizabeth Lister writes some of the best contemporary queer erotic romance in the business. Their work has been celebrated and commended by readers and organizations alike for presenting queer sexuality and kink in a positive and consent-based way.

On Facebook as Alison Lister.

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