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Christmas is approaching.
Jensen Moriarty is living and working at The Braided Crop Ranch while Luke and Noah canoodle in each other’s arms in distant Ottawa. Jensen wants to spend Christmas with the two of them but doesn’t want to intrude on their longstanding relationship. When the invitation to join them doesn’t come, he wonders if he is truly to be included in the circle of their affection or if it was just a polite way to leave things.




Three young men and an erotic encounter in an abandoned beach house. Marco has a crush on Darrin, Darrin has a crush on Sam, and Sam, well, he just wants to have fun and introduce Marco to a whole new world of pleasure. Or does he have hidden feelings for the shy, introverted boy who follows him and Darrin to the beach that day?

~ MMM/Barely Legal/Sexual Discovery/Erotica



Older, kinky leatherman - check.

Unexpected discoveries and illicit introductions - check.

Virginal Henry gets a seriously hot introduction to the world of kink from his BDSM club-owning neighbor, Ryan.

~ MM/BDSM/Erotic Romance