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Welcome to Maverick Molly's!

Updated: Oct 27

Welcome to another time, in a place where desire beckons.

Picture a darkened, lamplit lounge, with red carpet and the smell of the woodfire burning in the massive fireplace against the far wall. A bar sits to the left and a small stage juts forward from the far wall, with a piano beside it. The windows are covered in thick, velvet drapes, tied with sashes when they are pulled back. Five round tables, circled by wooden chairs with padded seats, are arranged carefully, and a door in the back corner leads to the kitchen.

Serving drinks are a handful of pretty young men in white cotton bloomers, chemise, stockings and corset, with soft brown leather shoes and velvet chokers. They flit from table to table, flirting and joking with the men who are there for an old fashioned good time. Cards, backgammon, and other ancient pursuits serve as a distraction from the modern world of electronics and constant screen time.

Dressed in the garb of a Victorian gentleman, one of the co-owners works behind the bar, where a very special key hangs. The coveted key to the Bordello--a room in the back of the building, past the kitchen, where men can live their most depraved fantasies.

Introducing a brand new, contemporary, kink series by AE Lister (author of The Braided Crop Ranch series). Each book is named after a Victorian parlor game and features a different romantic couple.

Read the first TWO chapters of Are You There, Moriarty? HERE!

Are You There, Moriarty?

(Toby and Alistair)

February 20th


(Fletcher and Aiden)

May 7th

The Laughing Game


July 23rd

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