Dune Trailer!

The official trailer for Denis Villeneuve's rendition of Frank Herbert's Dune is finally out!

I read Dune as an impressionable young adult and no film version I've seen to date has ever matched the visions of my imagination. Until this one.

As I had hoped, the trailer gives us a glimpse into the fantastic world-building of Frank Herbert's universe with unerring accuracy.

The casting is excellent, the costume design much better than the 80's version (go figure) and the special effects obviously much more seamless.

For a comprehensive look at the cast and characters and a breakdown of the trailer, visit this article at Gamespot.

It has been many years since I read Herbert's science fiction classic and its sequels and viewed the David Lynch movie version with much disappointment.

It seems like my personal vision may finally be satisfied with this one. Hopes are high from what I'm seeing so far.


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