Donovan Hearts Sam (Book Review)

Abstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer made my summer.

I first encountered Ms. Dobie Bauer's evocative writing with her vampire trilogy (Escaping Exile, Escaping Solitude, and Escaping Mortality). She writes with a perceptive eye and a detailed hand.

As i was reading Abstract Love - the story of miserable, misguided Donovan, and cheerful, free spirited Sam - I could see it unfold before me like a blockbuster rom com. Her writing style is a visual feast of colour and movement, emotion and conflict.

The developing relationship between these men was perfect in its execution, with Donovan surprised and confused at his attraction to the new graphic design employee, and Sam unimpressed but intrigued by Donovan's attempts at awkward seduction.

I read this book so quickly the first time that I decided to give it another, slower, perusing after a couple of weeks and it read even better the second time. Dobie Bauer's character development is spot on and her descriptions of Donovan's frustration with Sam's carefree ways are some of the best comedic moments in the book.

Even the secondary characters are unique and nuanced especially Donovan's Executive Assistant, Monica, and Sam's bestie, Zen. And the cover of this book is a piece of art in itself.

The sex scenes are very well done and realistic, with elements of humour and emotion. And smoking hot.

With realistic written scenarios and a satisfying the ending, Abstract Love is a great, hilarious read about two men who come together and find themselves.


Contemporary. Erotic. Kinky. Queer

AE Lister/Elizabeth Lister writes some of the best contemporary queer erotic romance in the business. Their work has been celebrated and commended by readers and organizations alike for presenting queer sexuality and kink in a positive and consent-based way.

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