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The Braided Crop Ranch Series

Book 1

The Braided Crop Ranch is looking for stable hands.


But this is no ordinary horse ranch. They cater to men with a certain interest. An interest involving harnesses, tails, and trainers.

Managed and expertly run by registered psychologist, Adam Marsland, the Ranch is a safe place for the expression of sex positive and kink positive needs and fantasies.

Jensen Moriarty is desperate for a job. He can handle horses. In fact, he’s a pro at it. Too bad the BCR doesn’t deal with real horses. But they do have “ponies”.

If Jensen can wrap his head around what the BCR actually stands for, he may have the opportunity to expand his resumé and experience something completely unexpected in the process.

~ A BDSM cowboy story about men who like to play pony, and the trainers who indulge them.


Book 2


Owen Lipke is looking for adventure.

When he hears about a ranch in the Muskokas catering to kinky men who don’t want to settle for backroom amateurs, he signs up in a second.

At the Braided Crop Ranch, Owen finds what he’s looking for: A sex positive space with safety protocols and Doms (trainers) who know their business. And a stable full of well-behaved ponyboys to prove it.

Owen thinks his trainer, Kamal, is hot as hell but finds being a ponyboy isn’t as intuitive as he expected. As he struggles to learn the basics of equine pet play under the firm hand of his trainer he finds himself falling for the older, experienced, man.


Book 3

Adam Marsland has a plan.

He’s been managing the Braided Crop Ranch for six years and wants to bring everybody he can find back for a week of games, competition, and celebration.

Henry Swift was a ponyboy at the BCR during its very first year. He learned to trot, pull a cart, and submit to his trainer. He’s never quite left the experience behind and is excited to receive Adam’s invitation to return.

But it’s not only the Ranch and its sex-positive atmosphere pulling Henry back to the seclusion of the Muskoka wilderness.

Ever since their first frantic and lustful encounter in the woods, Henry’s had a thing for Adam Marsland and his memories of his tumultuous time on the ranch have haunted him for years. Adam’s still at the ranch, and now Henry can go back and discover if the older man has any regret for the way things turned out in the past.


Book 4

A kinky photo essay goes deep.

Oliver Lambert has perfected his craft over the past ten years and runs a successful photography business. The last thing he expects is to be asked to use his skills at a kinky fetish ranch specializing in pony play. It doesn’t take him long to decide to accept the challenge, but he isn’t prepared for the immersive quality of the Braided Crop Ranch. Before long, he’s chomping at the bit to get at a certain sexy ponyboy, and over the course of his six week stay, Oliver learns that stepping out from behind the camera and into the compelling world of the BCR has its rewards.

*Hotblood is a prequel to the other stories in the series, but can be read as Book #4 or as a stand alone.

Formerly titled One-Trick Pony.

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