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Welcome to my Alison Lister Web Page!

My first Young Adult novelette - No Limit On Love -

will be published with

Lorimer Kids Canada in Spring 2023.

You can find out more about it at

Alison Lister, Young Adult LGBTQ+ Romance.

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About Me:

I love to write!

There is nothing I enjoy more than creating a fun and uplifting story with memorable characters.

I recently signed my first Young Adult novelette with Lorimer Kids Canada. 

Although I have a lot of experience writing stories, usually with high heat and graphic sexual content, I will be focusing on tamer fare with my Alison Lister author name.

My stories will still be sexy and daring, albeit in a less overt fashion.

I am an enby author, spouse, and parent.

I look forward to connecting with younger readers and providing fascinating characters and storylines to a new audience.

Alison Lister



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